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How to maintain your column
The column is another rather interesting journalistic genre, where the author presents his opinion to the public on any topical topic. It differs in that it is regularly published in one publication and placed in the same place in a magazine (newspaper) page or website.

Leading your own column is the dream of many journalists, and if you are one of them, then we recommend that you first write a competent resume and send it to the editorial offices of the magazines or sites you are interested in. It is very important that the subject matter of the resource or publication corresponds to your interests (they should have at least a section on the topic that suits you). The using an essay writing service reddit can help you - it's better in this matter. Remember that if the style of the journalist and the style of the publication or website differ, their cooperation is unlikely to be possible. It is advisable to attach several articles or links to published materials to the resume.

Now about the intricacies of maintaining columns:

First of all, you need to decide on the topic of the future column. At this point, you should think about what you want to write about. The topic should be of interest to you personally and relevant to those around you. As an author, you must understand the subject and be able to present information competently and efficiently.
Having started to write a column, do not deviate from the given topic. However, you can combine several topics: for example, if you want to write about cooking in a travel column, you can cover the topic of national dishes from different countries, etc. If the topic has been exhausted, the column should be closed. Instead, you can start a new column. But it is better to choose topics that can be covered for a long time.
To keep the column up to date, you need to constantly replenish and update your knowledge base. Read literature and watch videos on your profile, communicate with experts in your chosen field. This will allow you to retain your audience and not bore them. With practice, the column can be expanded.
Keep in touch with your readers. Your contacts should always be listed at the end of the column. To motivate readers, you can ask them to give you feedback, leave comments, suggest ideas. Among other things, this way you can always track your shortcomings and know your audience better.
The column should be structured so that the reader can get enough information without having to read a lot. The average size of one text (post) for a column is from 500 to 1200 characters without spaces.
To write a column correctly, you need to have analytical skills and the ability to demonstrate different views on the same events and facts. A good journalist is an objective journalist: he is not inclined to take sides or express only his position.

When raising some problems, it is necessary to provide their solutions (in the conclusion of any text, at least one solution should be proposed). It is advisable to always indicate the sources of information obtained for the column, but if, for example, you are talking with a person and he wished to remain anonymous, this must be mentioned.

Such things as plagiarism, lies, insults, slander are strictly prohibited. Much attention should be paid to the weak points of your texts, the construction of sentences, spelling, punctuation and spelling. Readers can be very smart, which means that they will remember not only your strengths and victories, but also your weaknesses and failures anyway. And you should never allow yourself to be used as a tool for someone else's propaganda.

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