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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essay 2021 Guide 


What is a college essay ? It is the act of using other people’s ideas and thoughts without giving credit to them. Plagiarism can be any of the following:



  • Using the exact quote of someone without quotation marks 
  • Word by word copying
  • Not attributing the quote to its author
  • Paraphrasing too closely to the original words 


Plagiarism is a serious offense and an act of fraud that should be avoided. In this article, you will find out how to avoid plagiarism and what to keep in mind in mind while writing an essay or academic paper of any type.


Method 1: Using Quotation Marks


Adding quotes are a great way to prove your claims and backing them in a proper way.  If you are including content that does not belong to you, use quotation marks around the text to show these words are not your own write my college essay


Method 2: Adding Citations


When including an idea or thoughts in your paper that does not belong to you, add a citation in your writing that properly identifies the source name, published date and other important elements required by the particular style guide. 


Method 3: Paraphrasing


When writing an essay or a research paper of any type, you will have to rephrase a lot. After collecting all the sources you are going to use in your essay to draw a strong conclusion on the essay topic. It is important to pay attention to paraphrasing, it is rewriting the other’s ideas and information into your own words and not changing the meaning of the original text.


Plagiarism is a serious issue that is closely aligned with honesty. We know that not everyone is good enough to craft a unique essay without outside help. So, it is better to not become a content thief and take help from an online  essay writing service or if you like doing work by yourself. Above are some of the useful tips that you can take into account to avoid intended or unintended plagiarism and give credit where it is due. 



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